The news of the Pegasus Project broke the internet in the early morning of 19th July 2021. As a result, some of the most known influential countries and individuals have come under the scanner. While the repercussions and the allegations await clarification, this isn’t the first of such attacks the world has witnessed. While it may seem like this is a one of a kind attack, the fact remains that spyware attack is one of the most common forms of cyber threats, which is now easily accessible for almost anyone and everyone on the internet.

What do you need to know about Pegasus Project?

The Pegasus Spyware is a type of malicious spyware that has been created by an Israel based private firm called the NSO group. The alarming aspect of the Pegasus Project was how the pegasus software was allegedly installed into the phone of the victim. Once installed, this app has complete access to most smartphone features such as recording, camera, calls, SMS, emails and more. Unlike regular cyberattacks such as phishing, malware and antivirus that would require some kind of link, a lapse in security or such, Pegasus spyware has the ability to snoop into the user’s phone without any kind of user interaction.

Advancements in technology have also given rise to a surge in the ways modern cybercriminals find vulnerabilities. For example, Pegasus Spyware uses a ‘Zero Click’ method as a means of infiltration wherein there is negligible user involvement or negligence on the user’s part.

Ways in which spyware such as Pegasus attacks the user :

  1. WhatsApp Attack: In a surprising revelation, it suggests that Pegasus can send a link to the target/ victims phone. And alarmingly, even with zero action from the victim ends, the spyware can be installed in the user’s phone.
  2. iMessage: Like in the case of the Pegasus project, iMessage could be used to infiltrate the iPhone. Despite inbuilt security measures, various iPhones have been allegedly compromised by the Pegasus, and therefore many such similar apps have the potential to do the same.
  3. SMS: Imagine being under threat due to a single message that popped up on your phone. This is one of the ways in which the Pegasus spyware infiltrated various android ad iOS devices.
  4. Zero Day Vulnerabilities : These are vulnerabilities that arise in systems that even the developers aren’t aware of, nor have they been reported. Spywares detect these vulnerabilities and use them to infiltrate into the system


What happens when your phone is infiltrated with spyware?

  1. Your calls can be recorded
  2. Your location can be traced
  3. Your contacts can be accessed
  4. Your camera can be used
  5. Your confidential files can be viewed
  6. Your private photos/ videos can be misused
  7. You can be treated by ransomware like attacks


How can you protect yourself from Pegasus like attacks?

  1. Install a HackShield – Anti Spyware app: HackShield offers you a range of features that can help you improve your mobile security. Staying one step ahead of the curve is the only way to protect yourself from being spied on.
  2. The Hidden App Feature: Did you know that there are ways in which you can detect all the hidden apps on your phone? Hidden apps may be installed in malicious ways, just like the Pegasus is. However, one scan using HackShield can detect all the hidden apps on your phone. You can then choose to uninstall your app and uphold your digital security.
  3. Detect Phishing Links: If you were to receive a bogus link on your SMS that looked like it’s been sent from legit sources like your bank or a shopping portal, it’s only natural that you would click on it. With our app HackShield, you can pass the link through our phishing link scanner, and we’ll alert you if the link is a phishing link.
  4. JailBreak Prevention: Even the most secure phones can come under the scanner of spyware apps of the likes of Pegasus. With HackShield, you can stay updated on the rooting status of your phone and ensure that your phone is not Jail Broken.


Looking to stay protected from Pegasus like spyware that can get complete access into your digital life? You can now download HackShield on your Android or iOS app store and protect your virtual privacy.