HackShield values your privacy. Our (refers to HackShield) mission through this privacy policy (the “Policy”), is to ensure the security of your (refers to any users of our products and services) digital life as you interact with HackShield products and services.

This privacy policy has been created to demonstrate our commitment towards safeguarding your privacy and personal information. The policy provides detailed information regarding the collection of your personal data, the purpose of collection and how this information would be safely stored and processed. The policy further explains how HackShield collects, uses and shares information of visitors to our website ( and users of our desktop, mobile and web applications.


At HackShield, we respect and understand your desire to secure your personal information. This privacy policy reveals the kind of personal information we may ask you for and under what situation. We do not obtain or collect your data from third parties. We directly collect data from you, in order to provide you with the desired services. You provide us with some data directly like when you register for HackShield products and services. Few personal details that we collect willingly from you include:

  • Email Address – The “Social Accounts” feature that helps you detect unauthorized access to your social accounts by any third party, requires you to first enter your email address and password. This is a one-time process. “Photo Vault” is yet another feature that requires your email address, in order to allow us to send email notifications, if anyone attempts to access your Photo Vault with a wrong password. Note that there is no way in which your email address and password gets stored with us.
  • Password – The “Password Protector” feature lets you securely save/store all your passwords. Note that this is a secure dashboard and only you can access it. HackShield does not hold the access rights to your personal dashboard on Password Protector.
  • Phone Number – “Photo Vault” feature provides you with SMS notifications if anyone attempts to access your Photo Vault with a wrong password and for this we require your phone number.
  • License Number – If you request technical support by email or phone, we may ask you for details like email address, license key, activation date and remote IP, in order to understand your query and provide appropriate solution.
  • Others – When you use or download the app, we automatically collect information including your IP address, version of operating system and type of device.

Additionally, we also collect information related to your location, to protect your HackShield account against unauthorized remote access. We use technology like cookies to collect anonymous data that is used to provide you with improved services.


We collect data in the following ways:

  • Registration Data – In order to use our app you must create an account. For creation of account, you must provide your email address, username and a password that will be used for the purpose of login. The only personal data we collect to create an account is your email address and password. We collect and store this registration data provided by you only for as long as your account is active.
  • App Features – Some features of our app may require you to willingly share personal information like email address, password, license number, IP address, Wi-Fi details and chats, in order to provide you with security for respective functionality.
  • Support and correspondence – Certain personal information may be provided by you in connection with inquiries and support from our website. We maintain user support histories only for as long as your associated account is active and for a reasonable period of time thereafter.
    Billing Data – To process payments made through our website, we collect and store your name, address and wherever applicable, the last four digits of your credit card and expiration information for user support and tax compliances purpose.
    Feedback – During times when you provide us with feedback, we collect your email address along with the content of email in order to respond back to you.


We need you to provide us with certain personal data, to be able to provide you with certain desired services. When asked to provide this personal information, you must agree to this Privacy Policy in order to be able to download and use the requested apps. Your consent which may be withdrawn by you at any given time, provides us with legal permission to process your Personal Data.

Update for application/ website may be required for fixing bugs, enhancing functions, providing better services. Such updates may be necessary in order for you to use or access the website or mobile application. By agreeing to these terms and continuing your access or use, you agree to receive such updates automatically through email. In addition to this, you hereby acknowledge and agree to receive updates and notifications relating to marketing purposes and transactional updates via email.


In order to deliver the right services, we process two different kinds of data:

  • Secure Data – Secure data is the kind of data that is encrypted using secure cryptographic keys, which are solely under the control of our customers. We are not able to decrypt this kind of data under any circumstance and there is absolutely no way we can access or share this kind of decrypted data. The secure data is solely your property and only you can modify, add and delete this secured data at your discretion. We claim absolutely no rights to your secured data.
  • Service Data – Service data is the kind of data acquired through your usage of HackShield account. We retain only that service data which is required essentially to maintain and operate the services. Under no circumstance is your service data used for any other purpose. Service data includes but is not limited to client IP address, billing information, email address and server logs. Service data is visible to our staff and includes the name provided by you and any other image that might be part of your profile. We retain the right to hold and use your service data for as long as you use our services, for the purpose of analyzing the performance and troubleshoot problems.

In addition, there are certain App features that require us to store certain information willingly shared by you. Such features include:

  • Anti-Phishing – This feature requires you to enter a URL that you wish to confirm as being fraudulent or legitimate. We store this URL for threat intelligence, so that we can mark such sites as fraudulent in case we find one.
  • Data Theft – This feature requires you to willingly enter your email address, to help us validate if your email address or data from your inbox has been stolen or breached by a third party without your consent.
  • Photo Vault – This feature requires you to willingly share your email address and phone number with us, in order to allow us to send email and SMS notifications if anyone attempts to access your Photo Vault with a wrong password.


We understand and are committed to our responsibility to safeguard your Secure Data and Service Data. We use strict encryption techniques, network isolation and access control measures to ensure that your Secure Data and Service Data is only available for access to authorized personnel. Most importantly, Secure Data cannot be decrypted even by authorized personnel who have access to it.

  • Passwords – Your HackShield account information including email address, username and password are all password protected. Access to your HackShield account is secured by a unique user name and password that is known and available only to you. We encrypt customer passwords to protect it from being accessed or divulged by anyone other than you. No HackShield employees or any of its contractors have the right or obtain access to your password. Remember, that neither HackShield employees nor any of its contractors will ever ask you to share your password via telephone, email or SMS or any other unsolicited manner.
  • App/PIN Lock – Your Photo Vault is App/PIN Lock protected. Access to your Photo Vault account is secured by a unique App/PIN Lock that is known and available only to you. We encrypt customer passwords to protect it from being accessed or divulged by anyone other than you.
  • Secure Data Storage and Transfer – HackShield stores the data collected, in highly secure server environment with round-the-clock surveillance, monitoring and support. This prevents any unauthorized access of your personal data. Additionally, we ensure continued security of your data using advanced security measures including surveillance, firewall and continued protection of your data against intruders, natural disasters and unnatural events.


In order to help our app perform certain security features like Network Analysis, Privacy Mode, it is important for our app to request certain permissions. By agreeing to use this app, you willingly provide the following permissions to this app.

  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE –To allow user to understand and analyse speed of network, signal strength, hotspot connections, the app requires permission to access the state of network.
  • INTERNET –Permission to connect to the internet is required in order to allow user to access features like connected devices, network speed, file transfer, data theft and social accounts.
  • ACCESS_LOCATION –The app is required to access location for connected devices feature which ensure that devices connected to the user phone are safe and also to check if the status of WiFi is On/Off.
  • CAMERA –This permission allows the app to capture and share images of intruder trying to access the photo vault by entering wrong password.
  • READ_CONTACTS –This permission is needed to allow the app to send SMS notifications to the contact if someone tries to access the photo vault using wrong password.
  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE –This permission allows the app to confirm if the WiFi status is On/Off.


Our websites, products and services are not intended to be used by nor are they legally directed to children under 13 years of age, and we do not knowingly collect their information. Exceptions do apply where we provide you with products and services designed specifically to assist you as a parent by providing child online protection features. In such cases, we will only collect and process Personal Data related to any child under 13 years of age which you willingly choose to disclose to us or otherwise instruct us to collect and process. Details about this processing is included in the privacy notices of these specific products. Please refer to the specific applicable notices for this important additional information.


We may provide links to other third party websites as a convenience to you (collectively, the “Third Party Websites”). Please exercise care when visiting any Third Party Websites. The Third Party Websites have separate and independent privacy policies, notices and terms of use which govern your use of such websites and their use of any information they collect, we recommend you read these policies carefully. HackShield expressly disclaims all liability for Personal Information you provide to any Third Party Websites.


We do not work with third-party advertising companies to display or deliver ads on our apps and sides.


Any information that is requested, collected or stored while using this app is subject to the Policy in effect at the time such information is requested, collected or stored. We may, however, modify the Policy from time to time. If we make changes to our Privacy Policy, we will provide you additional forms of notice of modifications or updates as appropriate under the circumstances. We also recommend that you visit the privacy policy page from time to time to keep updated on any policy changes. Your continued use of our App or Services following the posting of changes will mean you accept those changes.


For any further questions regarding our privacy policy, feel free to email us at