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HackShield has been created by cyber security experts who have decade of practical experience in dealing with spies and hackers. Our experts have worked with various government department in tackling the menace of cyber crimes and have designed a product which is tailor made for your complete protection.

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Each one of us is vulnerable to spying and hacking. HackShield’s tailor-made features will protect you from all kinds of cyber-attacks, and keep your personal and valuable data safe. You can #LiveFearlessly with HackShield.

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Business and Professional

Grow ideas & ventures safely

When doing business, your competition is always trying to get ahead of you, and at the same time you're a big target for financial criminals. Confidentiality, trade secrets, client information, and financial credentials are always at risk of being leaked, spied on or being stolen. Chats, networks, emails, and your own phone are all vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Online Enthusiast

Live a safe digital life

Everything we do is online today. We shop, we play, we travel and we eat through digital services. Third party apps have access to our information and login credentials are needed daily. Data breaches, cyber theft, and phishing attacks are all too common as cyber criminals look to make a quick buck.

Social Butterfly

Socialise fearlessly

The likes, the views, the friends, the communities - they’re all fun & games, but one wrong post or share can put you at the risk of identity theft and reputation damage. Identify theft and malicious actions on your behalf can ruin more than your day.

Frequent Traveller

Stay Safe while you explore the world

As a frequent traveller you run through airports, hotels and cafes in new cities, which can be quite an experience. You may often charge your phone at public places, connect to public Wi-Fi and are an easy target for device theft. Travelling safely means securing your phone.

Family Person

Family first, Always.

Your phone is the new photo album and every precious and private moment of your family is on it. Photos, insurance documents, and more are a target for those trying to spy on your family. Privacy needs better protection as does your family, especially when real-world safety is tied to online safety.

Government & Lawmakers

Secure your country

Your country’s most confidential data can be stolen via phone hacking. Your political opponents can spy on you and enemy states can hurt you. Internet calls can be intercepted, chats & emails can be leaked, and entire confidential documents could fall into the wrong hands. The safety of your nation is literally in your hands.

HackShield enables you to #LiveFearlessly.
If you resonate with the above categories, then ‘NOW’ is the time to secure your digital assets.